About Me

I am Psychic Lynn a God gifted reader with 50 years of experience. I have traveled all around the world to uncover the truth, what is real and what is not real. My specialty consists of offering guidance as a Spiritual Counselor where my specialties lay within the realm of Tarot Card reading. I am an expert in my field and I will offer you the absolute truth and I will reveal to you what your future holds for you. I will let you know if someone is faithful or just using you. I will answer all of your questions with Tarot Cards and my Telepathic powers. I will offer you insight into your past, present, and future. I will give you powerful information on spells to make your lover faithful and stay home with you, where they belong. Gaze into my crystal ball and see what is revealed for you now and in your future!

My belief in divination associated with Tarot card reading focuses on your past, present, future, and whatever cards are dealt will be revelatory to you. My method for seeing visions of your future achieved through trance induction by means of gazing into my crystal ball.

Spiritual Reading

My spiritual reading to you is with exclusive purpose to advance in divine love, and not to acquire learning but indulge in curiosity and reveal the real you.My interpretations of reading your palm will reveal to you real characterizations and foretell the future where you are headed in life.I will discern information to you through the use of my heightened perceptive abilities, psychic powers; and natural extensions of the basic human senses and instinct.My distant reading over the phone, and “remote perception” can be conducted without you having to leave the comfort of your home.


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